A Vintage Child guide to man bags:

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Remember the Friends episode where Joey borrows a shoulder bag from Rachel at Bloomingdales to wear to an audition and the other four relentlessly make fun of him? The episode is even called “The One With Joey’s Bag” for its notability. Throughout the 20 minutes we are taken on a roller coaster journey from scepticism to acceptance and finally to Joey’s love and appreciation of the bag, he ends up losing an acting roll but keeping the bag. Well things have moved on from 1999 (how was that 22 years ago!?) and today’s man is free to carry his belongings without fear of ridicule from his so-called friends. It begs the questions how did men every cope with just pockets? Let’s go over a run-down of our guide to man bags; the different styles and how to choose the right bag for each occasion.

The Backpack:


Vintage Child 'Kingsley' Leather Laptop Backpack with Grab Handle

“I typically have one backpack, my everyday carry”
Marques Brownlee

Backpacks have come a long way over the years, they have previously been thought of as a purely functional item with little thought to the design. However backpacks are now both a highly convenient way to carry your stuff and can also be a sophisticated in style, not to mention the benefits the backpack has for your back and posture. Backpacks are ideal for commuters or if you have a long journey to work on foot, cycling, scooting, canoeing etc. Our Vintage Child Kingsley Backpack will comfortably carry your 13” or 15” laptop, tablet, maybe a book or two, plus your lunch and a spare jumper for these unpredictable days of weather transition. Backpacks are a great choice if you work for the trendy start-up or your office has a comfortably relaxed dress code, but if you want something a little less casual then a satchel or briefcase will be a better option.

“It’s not as stiff as a briefcase, and therefore doesn’t feel as antiquated or old-fashioned, yet it’s classier than a backpack. The result is far more grown-up.”
Adam Lehman of He Spoke Style

A satchel, messenger, post bag, call it what you will they are all essentially the same; a decent sized bag with a long shoulder strap and usually a grab handle. Most will have a flap-over feature and some come with extra pockets, zips, maybe a trolley sleeve for travel. This bag is a classic and will always make you look professional. The old style briefcases certainly still have their place in the world but as Fashion Beans says today’s choices “are sleeker, slimmer and less boxy, which makes them ideal for the modern gentleman.”

You’ll never go wrong with a sleek messenger in brown leather or, in the right environment, a canvas alternative but this bag is made for work. What if you want something a little larger?


Vintage Child x Sugsean 'Drake' Leather Weekend Bag with 2 End Flap Pockets

“I get ideas about what’s essential when packing my suitcase”
Diane von Furstenburg

A weekend bag is usually too large for everyday use but is, nevertheless, one of the most essential bags a man should own and that is solely because of its versatility. A good holdall will last you for years and should always be stylish, robust and versatile. Use it for a gym bag, a weekend trip away, maybe you’ve got an overnight conference or you need to use it as a cabin bag. Our Vintage Child ‘Globe Trotter’ bag will do all this for you and more, as if you go for the Pecan leather it is also extra water resistant and the hardy leather will stand up to the most vigorous baggage handler. A good quality brown leather holdall will never go out of style and will last you a lifetime.


Vintage Child x Sugsean 'Drake' Leather Weekend Bag with 2 End Flap Pockets

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