Backstage at a Vintage Child photo shoot

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8:30am: A quiet buzz of excitement fills the air at Vintage Child HQ; this was no normal Monday morning. While our photographer, Dominic Boulding, set up his equipment the rest of the VC staff buzzed around preparing for the day ahead. Hours of preparation had gone in to this day and it was finally here: the day of the photo shoot.


9:30am: First on our list of models was Gma Jones who turned up right on time and went straight into wardrobe. After changing into some silver, metallic leggings and a cropped blue jumper, she was sat down ready for her hair and makeup; we went for a swept up quiff and statement orange lipstick...

Gma Jones models Wanderer backpack

...then finished off her look with a large-linked gold necklace, Nike high-top trainers, a pair of gangster sunnies and oversized fur coat. Gma Jones then stepped onto the set and we stood by and watched the magic happen. Gma came to modelling later in life and, while she is 93, we found her chilled out vibes and up-for-anything attitude really shone through in her photographs. She's quite the inspiration.

11am: As the second half of our shoot included 6 different models - Ausrine, Max, Lauren, Richard, Lucy and Vanessa - we were prepared for a busy afternoon. We greeted all the models as they arrived and showed them straight into the dressing rooms to prepare for their first shots. As all our bags are uni-sex and made for people of all ages, we encouraged all of the models to bring their own wardrobe choices so they could really showcase their individual personalities and style. The comedian of the day was definitely our quirky New Orleanian model, Richard; his infectious laugh and sense of humour had us all bent over in stitches, so much so that Lucy was forced to pause a couple of times to compose herself before getting back into the zone while they were shooting their couples shots.

So here are a few choice shots from the shoot so you can get to know who our models are a little better, enjoy!

Name: Ausrine
Dream Job: Actress or advertising
Why you love modelling: It's fun and creative and you get to meet lots of interesting people!


Name: Max
Full time Job: Junior microbiologist
Most awkward modelling moment: Climbing a tree dressed as an elf!


Name: Lucy
Full time Job: Executive assistant
Most awkward modelling moment: I was unexpectedly asked to model underwear on my first ever shoot!


Name: Vanessa
When you started modelling: When I was 16
Your hobbies: Surfing, swimming, all sports really and painting
Your dream job: Actress.


Name: Lauren
What you like most about modelling: Meeting different people and wearing different clothes
Your dream job: Something that involves travelling around the world.


Name: Richard
Most awkward modelling moment: I was doing a shoot in a bar and somehow ended up accidentally doing a burlesque dance and the girls wouldn't let me leave the stage!


3:30pm: we had a long list of bags to have photographed but were coming to the end of the shoot, it was a sunny day so the models had been chilling and chatting whilst taking advantage of our snack selection. All that was left to do now was a few group shots.

5:30pm: And we were finished with the models, just to have a glance over the photographs and then Dominic was free to go too. All in all we felt like it was a very successful day and would like to thank everyone who took part, job well done!

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