How to pack your gym bag

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  1. To start with. When you buy a new gym bag and transfer all your gear from the old one it’s the perfect opportunity to sort through and get rid of anything you never use; an empty deodorant that’s rolling around the bottom, some socks you left in there for ages, an old water bottle you never use anymore. Once that’s done you can start prioritising and layering. Anything you don’t use each time you train can be packed first, this includes things like an extra towel, spare toiletries or wrist straps that you don’t use every day. On top of this goes anything you will need for after your workout like your towel, shampoo and shower gel. You’ll need these more to hand but underneath your workout clothes, which come next. Put your trainers, shorts, t-shirt or whatever you need to change into as soon as you arrive on top so they are easily accessible and you can access them quickly and maximise your time lifting weights. Snacks and supplements can go in a separate outside or inside pocket so that you can grab them when needed, water bottles and shakers should be kept to the side and upright to prevent leakages.
  2. Picking the right duffel. You obviously want something large enough, 30-40 litres is best and most of our bags come in at 35 litres which is perfect. We’ve also got you covered on the pocket front too; most of our holdalls come with side pockets and all will have an inside pocket for your membership card, wallet, keys or any other small items that need to be kept safe. All our bags also have a detachable shoulder strap so you can carry your bag by the grab handles or cross body to make life easier.
  3. Don’t forget your padlock. Attaching your padlock to the hardware is a good way to remember it, and is also convenient for locating it quickly for when you store your bag in a locker.
  4. Get organised. Packing cubes, bag separators or pouches are a great way to keep your items separate and easily accessible. One of our wash bags would be great for your toiletries, or even to keep your snacks and supplements together with any other bits you want to keep separate. Keep a separate bag for used gym clothes so you can get home and empty them into the wash basket, this is also useful for your wet towel.
  5. Stay hydrated. Many gyms have done away with plastic cups and are asking members to remember their own water bottles to save the planet, so don’t forget yours. It’s also really important to stay hydrated during your training and afterwards. Store your bottle somewhere easily reachable but also making sure it won’t leak, so keep it upright.
  6. Replenish your protein. After your workout you want to keep your energy levels high and feed the muscles you’ve just given a beating. Whether you’re a power lifter, body builder, cross fitter or runner it’s important to refuel. Protein shakes are always a good choice and often low in calories but protein bars, fruit or even a small bag of sweets will all feed your muscles and your stomach. Pop your snack in an outside pocket for quick access and to prevent squashing, especially if it’s a banana.
  7. Ok it’s not like you’re going on holiday but it’s still a good idea to add an initial tag to your bag just in case you accidentally leave it out in the changing room and it can easily be identified. Luckily each Vintage Child bag comes with an optional personalised tag so we’ve got you covered.
  8. Smell nice. It’s always good to keep some odour balls in your bag to prevent nasty gym bag smells, it will keep your bag fresh when you carry your used gym wear home. Hopefully you’ve kicked up a bit of a sweat and odour balls will make sure this doesn’t transfer to your bag lining, office, car or otherwise. Keeping a bottle of aftershave in your bag will also always ensure you’re smelling good.
  9. Invest in a micro-fibre towel. These are quick drying and don’t take up much space, they also dry much quicker than traditional towels so are a really good idea for the gym. You could also consider getting a smaller version to carry round the gym with you as they will wipe the sweat off your skin rather than absorbing it, so they end up less smelly.
  10. Don’t dump your bag. When you get home take your dirty gym wear and towel out as soon as you can, odour eaters can only do so much to ward off old sweat. Put all this in the washing machine. This will keep your bag fresh and aired and also means you can sit back a relax without having to worry about your stinky clothes.
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