Leather embossing

Leather embossing

I started personalising my leather bags a couple of years ago and, as I was just starting, it didn't go great at first. Something that looks like a simple thing to do is actually really hard, from getting the positioning right to the pressure and quite often I would mess it up and then have a whole bag with dodgy embossing. Not good. But after years of practice I can finally say I am fairly decent at it and hardly ever ruin my stock now. All my embossing is done by hand, either by me or someone in my shop, so it has a beautiful hand made charm.

The first ever font I used was a small Sans Serif stamp and I still have the set now, this is a great font if you want a personalisation that's subtle and understated. The luggage tag as seen above is a great added extra to any of my leather bags or as a gift by itself.


The Sans Serif font is also really great for personalised wedding favours because I can fit a whole name on the tag. Above is an order from a customer in Australia who asked for over 100 personalised tags, this is just a few of them. I also have requests for corporate Christmas gifts which is always a lovely gift to give your employees as it's so unique and personal. It's quite time consuming embossing each tag because of the careful alignment and I would often end up having to re-do one or two. If you'd like to enquire further about embossing options, personalised gifts and wedding favours please get in touch.


Before long I branched out into more fonts, my second font was the Old English which was much larger and more ornate. This is a really popular font if you want to make an impact with one, two or three initials and gives an authentic vintage feel.


So I was then working with a small and a large font and one of my team suggested I look into a medium size. I found the fantastic Roman font which is now my most popular option.


For a long time I have been trying to move away from embossing directly on the bags themselves, partly because of the chance of messing it up and partly because it gives my customers the freedom to return the bag if it's not quite what they were looking for. However in some cases I will do a special order if a customer really wants something extra special.




The Roman font is by far my most popular font for embossing directly on the bag and I get a huge influx of requests around Christmas time as it's such a beautiful and personal gift to give. If you have any ideas or requests for embossing your Vintage Child leather bag that you'd like to talk to me about please don't hesitate to get in touch.