Why personalised gifts for Christmas are a great idea

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It’s the thought that counts

One of the truest sayings of all, throwing money at a gift is all well and good but a really thoughtful personalised keepsake is something the recipient will treasure forever. How many times have you tried to remember what you were given last Christmas or Birthday and you struggle to think of three gifts? We’ve all been there. It’s very nice to get socks and pyjamas and chocolate and a bath bomb, but they’re not the most memorable of gifts. The gifts that you will remember are the ones that have had time and effort put into them, something a bit different, something with a story behind it, maybe something personalised to remind your loved one of a special day.

Let’s get personal

Personalised gift sales have been growing over the years and it’s now a hugely popular choice for Christmas and other special occasions. Some websites like Not On The High Street are even almost solely dedicated to personalised items. And it’s easy to see why, because it makes a gift almost totally unique to that person. It’s also getting easier and easier to personalise your gifts, many websites will offer personalisation on their products. Items like jewellery, phone cases and even water bottles can be taken to your local high street shop to get a special message engraved or your loved ones initials. At Vintage Child we offer a personalised leather tag with every bag or wash bag that can be hand embossed with your choice of initials to give your bag that special little touch.

Who’s it for? 

Personalised gifts are extra special, so they’re best given to extra special people. Your husband or wife, partner, uncle, grandparent or best friend will love that you’ve gone the extra mile to make their present a little bit out of the ordinary. It’s also a great thing to buy for that relative who has everything, someone you never know what to buy and always looks a little bit disappointed. Who’s not going to like seeing a little message, their name or initials on a special token of your love? Suitable for all ages from the youngest niece or nephew to your great grandfather, everyone loves something unique.

Totally unique (almost)

Ok so your initials probably aren’t exclusive to you, but near enough, and one thing we can say for sure is that no one else at the party or around the Christmas tree will have bought the same gift as you. Have you ever been to a christening, birthday celebration or wedding and you find you’ve bought the same cheese board as someone else? It’s not the best and can be a little embarrassing; choosing a personalised gift means that even if the couple do get another cheese board at least yours has a thoughtful message on it! So next time you’re out doing your Christmas shopping (or browsing online) have the person you’re buying for in mind, think of something wonderful to say and get it personalised. Or just show them that you remember their middle name and go for their initials!

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