The designing of the Vintage Child Oxley Leather Weekend Bag

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You may not know this but we used to sell exclusively women’s vintage clothing; mainly tea dresses, circle skirts and novelty Christmas jumpers! On a trip to our vintage wholesaler I came across a box of vintage holdalls, some of them leather and some of them not, I rummaged through and ended up taking the whole box home. They were a hit! They sold out in a few days and so next time I went on a buying trip I bought another box full. It soon became clear that the demand was outweighing the supply so I had to come up with another way to deliver these sell-out holdalls. I started thinking about designing my own travel bags based on some of our favourite designs and the Vintage Child Oxley Leather Weekend Bag is the first holdall was born.

The Vintage Child Oxley Leather Weekend Bag is based on one of the very first vintage holdalls I came across and held onto rather than selling as I had a feeling it was going to be special. It was a great size for travel, not too big not too small, it would fit with most airlines as a carry on was very roomy. It had a good amount of pockets for storing small items, a shoulder strap plus grab handles and beautiful brass hard -wear that gave it the perfect vintage finish. The thing we liked most about it though was the leather, it had a beautiful patina that comes with a much loved leather item and it was clearly good quality leather as it had been well used but was still very strong and sturdy.

So I set about trying to design a leather bag that would do my muse justice. I had studied textiles for my degree so had a good knowledge of design and different fabrics as well as a creative eye that would serve me well in a fashion design task. Even though it was going to be a newly produced bag I wanted this version to reflect the original with all its vintage charm, it was important the hard-wear had a worn finish and the overall look to reflect the original design. The leather of course had to have a subtle look of distressing to give that vintage vibe. When thinking about the aesthetics every stitch had to be thought out and planned, the handles precisely placed and the overall look to reflect the vision I had. However the functionality was paramount for my designing. I thought about each pocket and the size of them and where they were going to go, the perfect shoulder strap length, the magnetic buckles, and of course it had to be just the right size. And the Vintage Child Oxley Leather Weekend Bag was born!

This year marks 10 years since I started selling women’s vintage clothing and, not long after that, leather holdalls and accessories. Of course the designs have changed, evolved and improved over the years but the Vintage Child Oxley Leather Weekend Bag is still one of our best sellers and we now sell it in an extra large version too!

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