50's vs 90's Rita Ora style

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This month's celebrity crush is none other than 21 year old British singer Rita Ora, she has recently performed alongside Coldplay opening their world tour and is set for a huge musical year in 2012, but we'd expect nothing less from Jay-Z's newest protégée. Not only has Ora already had two top hits this year, she has also (and most importantly) made a massive impact with her fabulous wardrobe, mixing vintage 50's glamour with a 90's gangster edge.

"Blondes have more fun" says Rita in a recent interview "my hair is naturally black and curly, but I've dyed it blonde forever [but] my trademark is my red lips" and while her Monroe-esque glamour screams 50's she certainly isn't one to pigeon hole herself. "I'm into the 90's right now...and I love Kanye West's new collection". And since king of vintage Wayne Hemingway declared the 90's was officially old enough to be classed as vintage Rita has been joined by other starlettes (like Rihannah no less) who have filled their wardrobes with East 17 inspired 90's gangster chic. Be it high street or vintage Rita will most often be seen teaming her outfits with one of 150 pairs of trainers, phew!

This 1950s tropical circle skirt is oh so pretty and with a touch of sequin sparkle you're on your way to getting your gangster 50's on. Team with some rhinestone cat eye sunnies and some gold chains and Miss Ora would be proud.

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