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90's revival

So as we've been banging on about recently we were very excited with the announcement that the early 90's have officially been declared (by Wayne Hemingway no less) as vintage years. As a result we have recently been seeing uber cool celebs like Rihannah and Rita Ora taking on the 90's in a big way, and with our Celeb Crush on Rita Ora this month we thought we'd delve a little deeper into the world of the 1990's.

If you were around in (and old enough to remember) the glorious 90's you may recall a time when everyone who was anyone wore a denim jacket, and this trend in particular has made a huge comeback in the form of both sleeved and gilet denim jackets that are just perfect for a summertime cover up. Rihanna has embraced denim in a big way and her love for the textile takes many forms; hot pants, shirts, jackets...and her 90's obsession for denim has seen the trend spread like scrunchies on fire. Please note: scrunchies are one 90's trend that we are not, and will never, promote!

Rihannah is pictured here wearing the sometimes questionable trend of double denim and, as we're sure you'll agree, she's nailed it. Even the accessorising of this outfit has a feel of the 90s, with gold hoop earrings, chains and the all important oversized baseball cap.  Baseball caps may more likely be associated with images of hip-hop stars such as Jay-Z or Will Smith, but it's Rihanna who's currently at the forefront of the celebrity baseball cap trend, showing us that the girlies can rock out in this look too.

Although the 90s may be back on trend, you can choose the best elements to mix and style up your own outfits, meaning  don't be tempted to recreate an episode of My So Called Life piece by piece. One big difference between the original way of wearing the trends from the 90's and the come back today is that it now seems to have a far more glossy feel to it with super polished hair and make-up. This is an easy way to transform looks which may have originated from men's fashions into something much more feminine and luckily this gangster style is just in time for the summer festivals.

Another somewhat terrifying trend taken from the 90's which is making a comeback in fashion today is crop tops and slogan T-shirts. You can easily create your own by cutting your old T-shirts to show off your mid-drift. Perhaps this one's not for everyone, if the thought of showing of your tummy fills you with fear then don't go running for the hills, just tie your tee at the hem of your jeans, feel better now?

Above we can see a rather young looking Kate Moss and Drew Barrymore braving the crop back in the day, teaming them with jeans and the best accessory: confidence.

Rita Ora and Rihanna are two of the toned tummied celebs who have been spotted wearing crop tops recently, along with statement jackets, gold chains and scarlet lips. These images of tight fitting crop tops are a descendant from the huge 1990's trend of sportswear which originated with Converse trainers and Nike Hightops, two staples that have stuck around now for over two decades. With the Olympics just around the corner it seems like the perfect time to get your sportswear on.

Written by Katie Walton