Autumn (g)looms

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Autumn gloomy? Never, we just really liked the clever title. Autumn is a time for beautiful forest walks, snuggly clothes, hot chocolate and the preparation for winter hibernation. With the blustery winds and heavy showers arriving in full force it's time to start the yearly ritual of finding the perfect coat for the A/W season. One of the fabulous things about the new season is that we have an excuse to indulge in a fantastic new wardrobe for the chilly months. The thing which makes choosing a new coat a bigger occasion than most clothing purchases is the amount of wears it will see, and so you not only need great style, you also need high quality.

A Burberry trench coat is the ultimate in classic macs, with their clean cuts and top quality fabric we see them coming up again and again on the backs of celebrities like Alexa Chung. And a Burberry trench is not only a wardrobe staple, it's an investment with the classic shape never going out of style you will be reaching for your old friend year after year.

The Burberry trench goes with pretty much anything and can be worn for both casual and formal occasions, great news if you're looking for a versatile coat to see you through to the end of the cold season.

Now if the trench doesn't take your fancy this year, then there are plenty of other choices to keep you warm as the frosty mornings approach us...

One thing which is sure to keep you toasty this winter is a big furry jacket, fur and faux fur are set to be one of the biggest fabric trends for this coming season. It's got to be worn big and bold and teamed with a gorgeous leather bag.

Mulberry are this years market leaders of the trend with their fabulously surreal 'Mulberry monster' campaign:

The campaign is full of British eccentricity and reminded us more than a little bit of the most wonderfully hairy children's book (and 2009 film) 'Where the Wild Things Are'.

Now the 'monster' look may be a little out there, perhaps even a bit scary, but it's here, it's cool and it's been embraced by celebs-a-plenty. Celebrities are no strangers to fur and faux fur alike and, as you can see from the pics below, the shaggier the better. Choices range from multi-tonal, textured furs to polar bear-esque coats like the one Kate is sporting. Miss Moss is no stranger to a fur or two and she often opts for real fur over fake. Whatever your preference we have a great range of fun, fabulous furs at Vintage Child.

So what to wear your fur with? Many celebrities opt for the bear leg pimp/flasher look, some go for all out glamour teaming their fur with evening wear but we think the best way to wear your fur is smart casual. A chunky scarf, jeans or tights and some simple statement jewellery will never let you down and you'll be snug as a glamorous hairy bug in a rug.

So now we've had a look at this season's on trend coats, it's time to make that big decision of what you'll be rocking as you walk through the rustling leaves and then onto those crisp winter mornings.

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