Celebs who wore vintage, and got it wrong

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As we have seen more and more in the past few months vintage inspired fashions are becoming a favourite of the catwalk, high street shops and celebrities and we think this is just swell, as long as they do it right. We have no end of praise for celebrities like Zooey Deschanel, Lana Del Rey and Florence Welch who are often seen rocking vintage or vintage inspired designs and doing it so well. But then there are the others, the ill advised, wardrobe challenged celebrities who have tried and failed and sadly these are the true fashion victims; victims of stylists, victims of hard to wear trends, victims of fashion. We're always saying that some vintage trends are extremely hard to wear and you sometimes have to be careful which ones you choose for your own wardrobe, well here's the living proof.

Here are some of the best of the worst celebrity attempts to wear vintage, and why they failed so miserably (evil villain style laughter)...

So this is Katy Perry at Paris Fashion Week and Katy is well known for her sometimes questionable fashion choices and yes it's kind of part of her image but while quirky equals good, weird and unflattering equals bad. We do usually like peplums but peplums are an 80s revival trend that need to be handled with extreme care. When worn in a mint green, sheer, studded, draw string two piece with granny pants underneath it's not going to go well now is it? What is most upsetting is that her poor Jimmy Choo tote and Louboutin sandals are completely ruined by the rest of the outfit.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that the Olsen twins were fashion icons because very rarely are we treated to an image such as this, an Olsen twin looking decidedly dodgy. Ashley is pictured a year ago at the MET Gala when she decided to take on the 80s, and lost, in this Christian Dior puff sleeved prom dress. The sisters are featured on this month's cover of Elle magazine looking their usual stylish and sexy best after this week Ashley caused a stir with her announcement that she has officially retired from acting.

Here Nicola Roberts takes three trends at the Topshop Unique spring/summer 2012 show, namely the pussy-bow, the drop waist and the clog, and butchers all three. Ok the shoes are the least offensive but the monochrome dress completely washes her out, the drop waist (a notoriously difficult trend) is unflattering and the velvet pussy-bow sticks out like a sore thumb. To top it off she has bad roots, bad make up and bad jewellery. If you happen to like the dress it's actually available at Topshop, we won’t judge you.

Now I know we told you last week that the 1960s would have a huge influence on this seasons trends but didn't we also tell you that psychedelic 60s prints were a no-no? While fellow ex O.C cast member Rachel Bilson is making headlines for her flawless vintage inspired style Mischa Barton is topping many a worst dressed list. Here Mischa demonstrated why an ill fitting dress that looks like it's been made with off cuts from your granny's kitchen curtains worn with an even worse fitting waist coat is exactly how not to attempt the spring/summer trend.

We've saved the worst for last, this ensemble demonstrates how a timeless classic look can be turned into red carpet horror. The flapper look is elegant, chic 1920s fashion at it's best and this YSL dress worn by Kirsten Dunst exhibits none of those things. Kirsten is another celebrity who's style can be very hit or miss and this one is way off. It looks like she's wearing fancy dress that she's stolen from her mums dressing up box, it's sloppy and garish and the only thing remotely authentic about it is the headband.

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