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Christmas party inspiration!

It’s that time again, the dreaded office party is just leering around the corner. The non school uniform day of the work place. It’s the one evening of the year you see your co-workers in the true light of the disco ball. Now obviously you want to turn up looking gloriously fabulous, show all your peers who’s boss in the style stakes. But here’s the dilemma, what do you wear? You know that every hair flick is going to be scrutinized. Here at Vintage Child we’ve opened up a new section of Premium Dresses, from floor length floaties to Zooey Deschanel style knee length A lines.

But the floaty dresses are our favourite for the Christmas party season. And you can’t think of floaty goddess like dresses and not think of Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine. She's our ultimate Christmas Party style icon.

The singer songwriter has always been musically on top form since the day she started; from the release of her first album Lungs in 2009 we fell in love with not only her whimsical voice, but her effortless sense of style. She’s been a fashion contender from the outset with her quirky take on hippy, flame hair and porcelain skin, Florence has put herself ahead of the trends countless times, from Gucci dressing her for her 2011 tour to being invited by Karl Lagerfeld himself to perform at the Chanel S/S 2011 show at Paris Fashion Week. Every design house has been desperate to dress her, and the lucky ones have, stepping out on the red carpet in McQueen to Valentino, she’s made herself some real fashion friends.

But on occasions she has seen herself on the ‘What were you thinking’ pages of magazines, and we couldn't disagree with them more. Florence with her powerful songs and big voice is softly spoken and very shy in person. But when it comes to her style off stage she’s seen as a person that dares. Dressing head to toe in pattern, and making shocking dramatic fashion choices, it’s clear that on occasion’s people just don’t get her style.

With an interview for the Telegraph in June 2012 she’s quoted saying; “I like to wear clothes that I will wear when I'm an old lady.” And that’s certainly been made clear as she’s seen in many dated looks, as she can pull it off now we can’t wait to see how she’ll be dressing as an old lady!

Her music has been described as “dark, robust and romantic” and that clearly comes across in her stage outfits. Often wearing bohemian ethereal gowns, she dresses to move around on stage and she lets out her inner goddess all the while doing it, “For the stage its The Lady of Shalott meets Aphelia mixed with scary Gothic bat lady.”

For the Ceremonials tour Flo has been dressing in robes and gowns, creating a scene on stage that fits with her songs, almost marital ceremonies, it’s so clear that her style is heavily influenced by her music, making it all just that bit more special and thought out.

Florence is constantly wearing vintage, she mixes it up with designer and couture, she’s hardly ever seen in high street clothes, so she’s the perfect poster girl for vintage.
For your Christmas party look take note on how Florence styles herself off stage, with messy braided hair, soft romantic make up and minimal accessories. Let the dress do the talking!