Top 10 Items to Put In Your ‘Vintage Child’ Carry On

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Our specially designed bags here at Vintage Child are the perfect answer to your travel carry on, whether you’re just off for the weekend or going long haul.

Here are a few tips to utilise your carry on with its large holding space and smaller pockets for the important stuff!

  1. Passport/Important Documents

Firstly, DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSPORT! We would hate for you to struggle your way through the airport only to find they won’t let you on!On all our bags there are two side pockets; the ideal space to fit your passport and easily accessible, so no need to rummage around at security.

  1.  Wallet/Money

I would always suggest you split your money up between your hold luggage and your carry on, in case of loss of hold luggage at the airport or delays with luggage you will still have some on you. It is also a good idea to put some in your carry on where it’s easy to access and some at the bottom of your bag just in case.

  1. Laptop/Tablet

Tablets are the perfect travel essential to keep you occupied on your flight with films, games and apps. (Tip: Try downloading some language apps before you go, to help you on your holiday.) Flights are also a good time to get some of that work done or essays that need writing completed, then you won’t need to worry about them when you’re laying on a beach somewhere or when you’re jet lagged and showing off your photos to friends and family when your home.

  1. Books/Kindle

There is never a better excuse to get lost in a book than on holiday so why not start your reading on the plane! The great thing about a kindle is that there is no need to stuff your bag with books and make it heavy to carry around. (Tip: Download all your books before you leave home in case there’s no WiFi when you arrive or the internet at the airport is too busy)

  1. IPod/MP3

Fancy falling asleep on the plane but there’s too much noise? Plug in to your choice of music and while away the hours.  If you prefer to use your phone for music try using one of the apps such as Spotify to download some of the latest songs or playlists created by other travellers.

  1. Toiletries/Medicines (Carry on requirements – 10x100ml)

Try and pack most of your toiletries in your hold luggage as there is no limit but everyone needs some essentials on a long haul flight. The limit of each liquid is 100ml and there can be a maximum of 10, but don’t worry things like powders are not classed as a liquid.  Make sure any travel sickness tablets are at the top in case security checks. (Tip: Pack some cleansing wipes, a hairbrush, hair band and toothbrush for a quick freshen up)

  1. Neck Pillow

Okay so this might not fit in your bag but it is definitely an essential for a long haul overnight flight. Just hang it around the handles when walking around the airport.

  1. Eye Mask

Because nobody likes being watched when they’re sleeping!

  1. Socks

To keep your feet warm if you’re wearing flip flops or sandals, and to keep comfy overnight.

  1. Sweets

For me this is definitely essential!! Purpose: for takeoff and landing, and the dreaded ear popping!

P.S. Why not slip some of our vintage sandals in for when you step off the plane!

If you prefer to have more pockets in your carry on try our premium range.


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