Twelve Years Of Britney Spears

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With another UK Britney tour underway a visit to the O2 arena beckoned and earlier this week I made my way up to London to watch the Princess of Pop, Miss Britney Spears, perform her Femme Fatale tour. I use the word perform rather than sing for a good reason, Britney only sang one song live when I went to see her Circus tour two years ago. Please don't mistake this for bitterness, far from it, I was well aware that she was only going to sing one song before I went and to be honest I didn't care.  As a veteran Britney fan it's really not about the singing any more, Britney has become, in my eyes, more of an institution than a singer. Her very public breakdown in 2007 was like watching a car crash and she seems to have never quite fully recovered. Her Circus tour was a fantastic production and spectacularly entertaining but it almost seemed like she was only there because she had to be, Britney seemed to have lost her sparkle. To give her due credit she sings seven live songs on her Femme Fatale tour and I have to say she sung them well, she does still have a voice, but is it enough? The production was nowhere near that of the Circus tour and I came away feeling like it was lacking the magic, the enthusiasm and the passion of the Britney Spears we all knew and loved.

Despite this I have bought every album she has released and not once have I been disappointed. 'Baby One More Time', released in January 1999, was the first CD I ever bought and was the biggest selling single of 1999. I loved it, I loved her and I couldn't wait for more, and more came. Since the release of her first album she has released six more and has toured every one as well as starring in the film Crossroads, having two babies, marrying twice and releasing nine fragrances. It has been twelve years since she released her first single and if she's stuck around this long then so will I, I still listen to her music and it still makes me smile, and often dance too.

So what, I hear you say, does this all have to do with vintage fashion!? Well it may be pushing it but the 90s are officially borderline vintage and Britney has attracted as much attention for her questionable dress sense as she has for her personal life. She has yet again made it into the newspapers this week for the barley there costumes she was wearing on tour.

In honor of Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale tour please enjoy 12 years of Britney’s best of ‘only she would wear that’ fashion choices, courtesy of Vintage Child.


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