Vintage Madonna

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With the premiere of W.E, Madonna's fourth film as a director, screened at the Venice film festival yesterday and newly sparked rumours of facial surgery I'm intrigued as to how the material girl has survived in the public eye for so many years and is still considered a sex symbol today. It's no secret that the 53-year-old follows a strict exercise regime and restricts her diet to macrobiotic foods, so perhaps her tightly toned body is the secret to her fame, but she lacks a truly respected singing voice and has never been considered a great beauty. It's never been in doubt that Madonna is a mesmerizing performer but I think the key to the longevity of her success is her unfailing style.

Madonna was the quintessential 80s girl, she burst into the public eye in 1984 with her single Like a Virgin and her style was copied by almost every female who saw it. She was original, new and sexually charged and she made a huge impact on 80s fashion throughout the decade; the image of her cone-bra-leotard is infamous for its outragous sexuality and innovative style. Madonna is the queen of re-invention which continues to keep her image fresh and while she has left the cone bra behind she continues to rock the red carpet nearly 20 years on. So that is why she is still a sex symbol at 53...


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