Vintage Wedding Dresses

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With the hang over from Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' uber wedding just about gone and the pictures of her Vera Wang wedding dresses (yes plural) published in Peoplemagazine (who splashed out $1.5 million for the exclusive rights to the photos of the day) it got me thinking about those dresses and of wedding dresses that have been worn before for one day, then boxed up and put in the loft. Kim's 'Mermaid' dress that she wore for her first dance was described by her as "old Hollywood glamour" and Lily Allen not so long ago wore a vintage inspired Karl Largerfeld number for her big day, so why are celebrities wearing these dresses that take inspiration from vintage and not the real thing?

I think the thought of wearing the most special dress of my life and then packing it away forever is a sad one so when my wedding day comes around I will be opting for vintage. Then I'll know that the dress I'm wearing, the dress that thought it was destined to live the rest of its life surrounded by moth balls and wrapped in tissue paper, will have another wonderful day in the spotlight...


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